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products offers currency printing paper products. About 2% of these are Cheap printing paper for printing money. US $ /.
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We have a much better solution for you! Counterfeit Supplier offers fake money for sale at reasonable prices. Dollars, euros, riyals — we have all kinds of currencies to help you get your life back on track in the shortest time.

A Brief History of Printed Money

Turn your small savings into a fortune with us! The difference between a regular sheet of paper and a banknote is that the latter has special symbols, watermarks, serial number, and many other features that make it legitimate. And our specialists use high-class equipment to produce counterfeit notes that are no different from the originals.

Banknote Paper Production for the New €50 Banknote

We reassure you that it is absolutely safe to use our money because our Counterfeit Money are designed to pass every security test out there, giving you complete freedom. We have created our website to help you purchase counterfeit banknotes over the Internet without any fear. Back in the day, one had to go to a dangerous neighborhood to search for suspicious-looking people to obtain some fake cash.

These days, you can order freshly-printed banknotes from the comfort of your home with just a few clicks. We will get back to you in a flash with all the details about the payment and delivery. For more information, contact us at any time. Some engravers specialize in portraits and vignettes, while others are experts in lettering and script. The images are then combined and transferred to a printing plate through the process of siderography. Engraved plates are mounted on the press and covered with ink. A wiper removes the excess ink, leaving ink only in the recessed image area.

Paper is laid atop the plate, and when pressed together, ink from the recessed areas of the plate is pulled onto the paper to create the finished image.

Counterfeit Notes

The green engraving on the back of U. Back-printed sheets require 72 hours to dry and cure before moving to the face intaglio press, where special cut-out ink rollers transfer different inks to specific portions of the engraved designs. The letters on a modern serial number from the color series represent the series year, the Federal Reserve Bank to which the note was issued, and a counting device. The same equipment trims and cuts the subject sheets in half to create two subject sheets. Modern serial numbers consist of two prefix letters, eight numerals, and one suffix letter.

The first prefix number indicates the series for example, Series is designated by the letter B. The second prefix letter indicates the Federal Reserve Bank to which the note was issued.

Crane Currency

If a sheet is identified as defective, it is replaced with a "star" sheet. Serial numbers of notes on star sheets are identical to the notes they replaced, except that a star appears after the serial number in place of the suffix number. Completed currency sheets are stacked and pass through two guillotine cutters.

The first horizontal cut leaves the notes in pairs, while the second vertical cut produces individual finished notes.

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Bricks of 4, notes are shrink-wrapped for delivery to the Federal Reserve System. All rights reserved.

How many banknotes are produced?

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